social media management.

At Legendary, we were born from social media. Where other marketing agencies leave social media as an afterthought and put little care into this essential channel, we’re with the brands that have learned that social media is the most direct, interactive, dynamic and visual place to connect with new and existing customers.


brand discovery

Only you can be you. But we’re the next best thing. We deep-dive into what makes your brand unique, so we can communicate effectively with your customers, recognize your competitors and determine the perfect visual strategy to create social media that succeeds.

content strategy

Your content strategy for social media is essential to provide excellent direction for growth and sales. We combine messaging strategy, tone, mood and creative direction for visual assets to develop a winning social media presence for your brand.

expert community management

The irony of social media? Many brands treat it as a one-way conversation and ignore the “social” aspect. But not our clients. We know that engagement is what makes the best accounts just that: the best. And we’re dedicated to achieving that for each client.

report & analyze

Without analysis, how do we grow? Our team loves reporting back to you on wins, losses and opportunities for next month. We’ll analyze what worked well and what didn’t. That’s because our reports and handmade and customized to you. And custom is always better.